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Company Overview

IOSS provides consultancy in relation to implementing OSS solutions for our customers.

Our staff have been doing this for over 20 years and have designed and implemented solutions across a number industry verticals which  included Trading Banks, Telco’s, Service Providers and Airlines.

Each engagement provides our business with a unique range of exposures across some very dynamic and demanding environments which has been on building our foundation of experience which only serves us, when recommending a solution to meet a customer’s needs.

Strategically we recommend StableNet® to our customers who are looking to streamline there OSS foot print or OSS process, an our recomendatino is based upon our breadth of experience having reviewed our strategy in conjunction with historically developed and implemented framework solutions for our customers based the best of breeds approach, which have some of the following products accross the FCAPS model.

  • Frame Work Management: IBM’s NetCool Omnibus
  • Event Management: CA’s Spectrum, HP’s NNMI, IBM’s Precision
  • Performance Management: InfoVista,  CA’s E-Health, IBM’s Proviso
  • Data Analysers: Niksun, Netscout
  • SIEM: LogRhtyhm

Our forte is streamlining technology and applications that manage Network’s, IT infrastructure to provide greater Service Visibility.