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Finance & Banking

A banking environment requires a high level of investment to ensure banking transactions, settlements and back office activities run smoothly.

These services are complex and not only consist of Networks, IT services, Trading environments and ancillary services such as firewalls and voice services. On the whole it is a can be a lot to monitor and manage let along considering the application layer above.

Service Assurance is the key to understanding how all of your services are being maintained in addition to understanding what has failed and what is impacted and or service affecting and historically institutions have implemented a silo based approach to management and tried to pull the relevant information together through various umbrella frameworks. The reality is that this is not only costly and expensive from a CAPEX point of view, but you also have ongoing OPEX challenges such as retaining skilled resource and skill sets in addition to maintaining bespoke integrations between applications which become a constant challenge over time.

For these reasons IOSS strategically recommend a 3rd generation OSS solution. The benefits of this strategy provide the ability to consolidate legacy tools whilst reducing the foot print, this enhances Service Assurance, Fulfilment, Performance Management and Lifecycle Management into one product and creates additional operational efficiencies.

Having implemented a number of legacy based OSS solutions across a number of industry sectors inclusive of Finance we believe that we provide value and benefit to our customers when they embark upon enhancing their Service Assurance solutions for their business.