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Solutions we provide

Businesses develop strategies to remain competitive and most often they leverage technology to support that goal.

The technology that underpins business is becoming more complex to manage and the operational target objective is to provide clarity from information provided from IT which includes systems, applications, security platforms, configuration information and performance data to ensure your business is operating as efficiently as possible.

To achieve this, businesses invest in Operational Support Systems (OSS) which by nature are in a constant and never-ending lifecycle of their own.

So, to summarise, common business challenges are to adopt new functionality, be competitive, retain an efficient operating model and reduce CAPEX and OPEX where possible.  So how can we help?

Well, our forte is that we assist our customers with gaining operational efficiencies by streamlining their approach to OSS management which is to say that we help our customers to develop strategies, review their operating model and reduce their OSS footprint, in addition to assisting with all the facets of implementation and deployment of OSS solutions.

Our customer portfolio includes, Investments Banks, Telco & Media, Service Providers and enterprise in addition to government accredited solutions.

  • Program Management
  • Project Management
  • Business Analysis
  • Systems Design
  • Systems Integration
  • End-2- End Service Visualisation
  • Weather map
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Event & Alarm Correlation
  • L2/3 Topology
  • IT Infrastructure
  • Analyzer
  • Event Automations
  • Compliance
  • Governance
  • Backup / Restore
  • Asset Discovery
  • Inventory Discovery
  • End of State
  • End of Sales
  • End of Suppor
  • Vulnerability
  • Patch managemen
  • Service Availability
  • OLA / SLA Reporting
  • Event and Alarm Reporting
  • Utilisation & Capacity
  • Analytics