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Lifecycle Management

IT, Network and Service management as we all know is all about managing and preventing risks that interrupt the business and businesses spend a lot of time and effort focusing on the Fault, Configuration and Performance management.

Lifecyle management on the other hand is often an unfortunately a critical capability that is overlooked until you end up with a compliance issue, a maintenance bill for unsupported devices and or realise that your new strategy can’t accommodate devices that are either in an end of life “EOL” or end of support “EOS” state.

The problem

Experience tells us that administrators, are often focused on setting up networks, troubleshooting or resolving performance issues and it is not uncommon that compliance and monitoring the lifecycle/status of the estate becomes an annual “to-do” activity if you’re lucky. Hand on heart, we all know of cases when there has been a project that is going to upgrade something then “discovers” some equipment that has been forgotten, which then holds up the project for a number of reasons and the reality is that the larger your infrastructure the more likely it is that this may occur.

An infrastructure that consist of tens, hundreds or thousands of devices, is not only difficult mange maintain and report upon but it also requires a considerable resource effort and coordination with dedicated resources just to do so. Whilst there are some organizations that manage to maintain some data repositories for inventory, we find that it is often fragmented, inaccurate and out of date.

Our Recommendation

The key is to ensure that you have in place good processes to manage risk and this includes not only Fault, Performance, and Configuration, but also Lifecycle management.

Fundamentally every step in a device’s lifecycle process is just as critical as the other, whether it is configuring a device, carrying out required software/ hardware upgrades, ensuring security compliance or visibility into when the equipment needs to be phased out.

We recomend that you compile and accurate inventory list that is updated regularly and augment this with notifications from vendors that include EOS/EOL and security notifications.

Our Solution

We recommend and application that tool that can automate and simplify – device discovery, configuration, monitoring, and administration of all devices in the network.

This solution does not only facilitate, Fault and Performance Management but also configuration management and lifecycle management thus completing ting a full cycle when it comes to managing RISK to your business.

 Business Benefits

  • Ensuring security and compliance issues that may impact your business.
  • Ensuring that you IT management process
  • Enjoy clear visibility to understand the impact of each configuration element
  • Improve decision making and risk assessment
  • Improve decisions around forecasting budgets in relation to configuration and infrastructure.
  • Increase operational efficiency and administer standard configurations for devices