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Service Assurance

Service Visibility

The IT and Network infrastructure you invest in provide a lot of event and fault information which underpins your business for example information from systems, application, security, configuration, performance and service notifications etc.

So, it’s not surprising that we find lot of businesses roll out point solutions over time that lead to service visibility issues which are not noticed until you have an outage and then it is all hands on deck situations.

Most of our customers are now focused gaining operational efficiencies by streamlining their approach to OSS management rather than maintaining multiple point solutions which is why we  having implemented  multiple solutions that have included most of the point products in the market place, by choosing InfoSim® as our strategic partner, we are able to provide our customers with a number of strategic benefits that includes FCAPS capability through one fully integrated 3rd Generation OSS solution.  StableNet®’

Service Representation

The underpinning 3rd generation framework provides end users with the ability to consolidate events and information from multiple technologies which can be grouped into Service or Weather maps.

Grouping information can be based upon association a upon discovery or through custom tagging which is user definable and can be applied at the time of discovery or provisioning.

  • Technology groupings (Device / Model / OS)
  • By locations
  • Business Service
  • Customer Network topology
  • Customer Service topology

Infrastructure Visibility

Supporting new and legacy environments requires that your management solution is agnostic otherwise you end up with multiple point solutions. StableNet®’s network discover capability ensure that’s end users are able to view the infrastructure based upon the layer that it is discovered at where users are able to drill from one layer down to the next transport layer. Service Assurance