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Service Fulfilment

We all understand that the disruption to a key infrastructure component can suspend a business of operating until the issues has been resolved. Let’s face it things do happen, equipment does fail and changes either planned or un planned can affect business.

Supporting business is about and providing a good level of service management and assurance which is underpinned with processes and config management policies.

So where does IOSS step in you might ask, well we have been instrumental with a number of customers in assisting them to identify how service assurance processes such provisioning, config compliance, remediation and decommissioning are applied using a COTS based approach using NCCM from InfoSim® StableNet®.

Our approach is that we take a holistic view of the business processes and tools available or being proposed to ensure that you get a fully functional Integrated OSS solution which not only includes life cycle management but also config and compliance management. By taking this approach, we have assisted some of our customers with their commissioning processes and life cycle management which have positively reduced operational running costs to the business.

Some of the other areas that typically are addressed through the deployment of NCCM are,

  • Provisioning
  • Compliance
  • Remediation
  • Backups
  • Inventory management
  • OS management updates
  • Life cycle and Maintenance management

Config management should be a key part of your OSS strategy to ensure that your business is protected and runs as smoothly as possible.
Were here to help you get the best out of your investment in technology and we have done it for some of the UK’s biggest Telco’s so So Why not give us a call?

We may just have a solution that meets your requirement,

  • Create and Modify backup jobs
  • Schedule regular automated network configuration backups
  • Archive and easily view backup history
  • COTS based approach to default configuration backup jobs.
  • Retrieve historical backups
  • Complete Control Over Configuration Changes!
  • Segregation of duty provided to users
  • Customised sniptes ?
  • Change request workflow.
  • Remediation scrips
  • Real time notification
  • Protocols supported Syslog & SNMP v1,2,3.
  • Automated policy and compliance checking
  • Automated event notification applied to policy and compliance checks.
  • Easy to use GUI used to create / manipulate templates include configuring
    • VLANs, NetFlow, IP SLA, switch port security, CBQoS, QoS.
  • Import / export configs Save
  • Apply Bulk Configuration Changes
  • Compare running or baseline configurations in real time.
  • Compare and identify config changes.
  • Rollback feature to a last known good configuration!
  • Define compliant baseline configurations and monitor apply to real time changes.
  • View compliance reports and policy violations.
  • Identify and restore devices to compliant configurations
  • Support for industry standards like SOX, HIPPA, PCI DSS, DISA STIG, NIST for example.